White paper
Unamanna is aimed at the art world.
It addresses artists.
The new frontier of art production is the NFT market.
Music, digital works, digitized paintings.
the NFT certifies the originality of the work distinguishing it from any JPG, MP3, copy of the copy, this preserving its UNIQUE value forever via the Blockchain.


Being in the NFT market means having ownership of one's work by selling it directly and profitably in the global market.

Those who buy it are guaranteed to have an original work by the artist, - not just any pirated copy found online - who will have royalties for any following resale.

The ownership of the work remains with the artist.

A biased choice

UNAMANNA comes from the world of art, of creativity, of artists, of those who continue to seek personal expression and the right economic recognition to fuel it.

UNAMANNA is on the side of artists.
Meet the 1st Artist
C0110Cizerocentodieci was born in Padova in 1976, and start drawing everywere, even on the toilet paper.

He attended art school Modigliani, in Padova. He started to work in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years. Married with 2 children, there is no time to loose. Looking for a "normal job" or try to be an artist? This is the question! He picked up brushes and never stopped, now it's a job.

It all begins painting a door for Duda project (High school Duca D'Aosta in Padova), where he painted a classroom door which was then dedicated to him. Now he paints murals all over Italy and he is an established artist.